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The vast majority of the general population live in lodging society management software and confronted numerous issues identified with society management software administration. On the off chance that you need a basic existence with no pressure. This is simple with the assistance of society management software administration programming which one together deals with a wide range of stuff, for example, Complaint administration, Maintenance administration, Accountings, part database, gatherings and occasions administration, looks after timetables, works administration. Make your life simple with upayogee lodging society management software administration programming. Utilizing society management software programming you won't not need to stress any longer.

society management software administration programming is cloud-based and extremely secured. It permits numerous logins at once and the general public part can get to their records from anyplace, whenever in our customary range of familiarity on our versatile or workstations likewise, this gives flexibility of unwinding and keep up the work and exercises identified with their lodging society management software administration. Upayogee is the A Perfect Platform and Complete arrangement on Housing Societies.

society management software charging programming is an awesome charging/receipt programming for dealing with your general public bills. The product ought to compute charges in view of the definition pertinent in your general public. Computation of levy, intrigue count and punishments and different charges ought to be ascertained precisely. Ensure the general public charging programming is configurable and adaptable to oblige distinctive heads. Appreciate charging with another interface which is remarkable and straightforward, additionally it is easy to use and simple to utilize. We feel glad to announce that Now we redesigned society management software charging programming with new receipt layouts and mechanized warnings to get best and quick charging office

For the most part, in the public eye administration all the work is chosen in gatherings and upkeep charges, contact no of individuals are noted on the papers. There is no robotized framework for doing every one of the things that for the most part occur in the public eye, with the goal that individuals can come to comprehend what is going on in the public arena. This general public administration arrangement of keeping up a general public is made in such a way , along these lines, to the point that the most widely recognized issue looked in private social orders are settled. This framework is a cloud based framework to oversee everyday exercises of any co-agent

lodging society management software administration programming. they require the co-appointment among the separate administration social orders combined with the merchants which give these administrations so the fitting accommodation can be given. The primary usefulness of this task is that , there is a web based charging and book keeping (installment portal coordination , pay and cost following ,etc.).In this framework the bills , receipts and vouchers are made in simple way additionally the framework is easy to use.

A housing society management
system and Society
billing software







Our proposed system is cloud based and has automated functionality for generating monthly maintenance and member can view their bill status on their account

Most of the people live in housing society and faced many problems related to society management. If you want a simple life without any stress. This is very easy with the help of society management software which one together manages all kinds of stuff such as Complaint management, Maintenance management, Accountings, member database, meetings & events management, maintains schedules, works management. Make your life easy with upayogee housing society management software. Using society software you might not have to worry anymore.

Society management software is cloud-based and very secured. It allows multiple logins at a time and the society member can access their accounts from anywhere, anytime in our comfort zone on our mobile or laptops also, this gives freedom of relaxation and maintain the work and activities related to their housing society management. Upayogee is the A Perfect Platform and Complete solution on Housing Societies.

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Administrators can send instant messages by Email to all society members

Online Notice Board

All notices will be visible on the online Notice Board till the expiry date of t he notice

Cloud Based

where society management software are secure and not expensive

  • Easily manage multiple bills at once.
  • Export files to any accounting software that you use easily.
  • No more waiting for billing emails, you will get instant access to your society member’s bill reports and taxes.
  • Society management software Will be updated with GST invoice and report formats
  • Create all kinds of sales, purchase, CDN or export invoices

Society Billing Software


Society billing software is a great billing/invoice software for managing your society bills. The software should calculate charges based on the definition applicable in your society. Calculation of dues, interest calculation and penalties and other charges should be calculated accurately. Make sure the society billing software is configurable and flexible to accommodate different heads. Enjoy billing with a new interface which is unique and easy to understand, also it is user-friendly and easy to use. We feel proud to declare that Now we upgraded society billing software with new invoice templates and automated notifications to get best and fast billing facility

Generally, in society management all the work is decided in meetings and maintenance bills, contact no of members are noted on the papers. There is no automated system for doing all the things that generally happen in society, so that members can come to know what is happening in society. This society management system of maintaining a society is made in such a way , so that the most common problem faced in residential societies are solved. This system is a cloud based system to manage day-to-day activities of any co-operative

housing society management software. they require the co-ordination among the respective management societies coupled with the vendors which provide these services so that the appropriate convenience can be provided. The main functionality of this project is that , there is a online billing and accounting (payment gateway integration , income & expense tracking ,etc.).In this system the bills , receipts and vouchers are created in easy manner also the system is user friendly.